Hookup Contest At Center Of Boarding School Rape Trial

Things are getting very Gossip Girl real fast in a recent rape trial involving students from a New England boarding school. Former St. Paul’s School (Concord, NH) student, Owen Labrie is facing aggravated sexual assault charges for reportedly raping an underage underclassman.

Unfortunately rape trials are not a rare occurrence, so what gives this particular story so much intrigue is that this alleged rape occurred as part of an age-old tradition at St. Paul’s commonly referred to by the cool kids as the “senior salute”. The tradition is that graduating seniors try to hook up with as many underclassmen as possible before leaving the school. And bros being bros, there is an official “score board” somewhere on the internet where the whole school can keep track of who is currently the head pro.

As a former prep schooler myself, I am not surprised that this tradition exists, what else is there to do up there in New Hampshire anyway? However, I am very disappointed that some sicko has most likely spoiled the fun for everyone else.


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