Holy Fuck, I want to be J.J. Watt

So not only is he one of the honored former betchy athletes of the week, J.J. Watt knows how to live one fucking awesome life. And last week was particularly betchy for J.J.

First, he started off the week by getting friends-ly with the betchiest queen of all the land: Jennifer Aniston.

The adorably alliterated Jen and J.J. are repped by the same talent agency in L.A. He asked for the opportunity to meet his “lifelong” crush, and the actress couldn't decline that giant hunk of man meat.



His only regret? Not proposing.

He then moved on from the queen betch to Britney, bitch.

J.J. and our 90s/forever role model Britney snapped a pic at the ESPYs. What a womanizer, am I right?



FINALLY, J.J. hit up the Arnold to get in a quick gym sesh with the governor.

And according to the insta, J.J. terminated those squats (too much?).

J.J. Watt and his crew are the definition of #squadgoals.


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