Hillary Clinton and Her Scrunchies Are Running For President

Hillary Clinton shocked nobody over the weekend by announcing her candidacy for President. The news came in the form of this YouTube video, showing everyday Americans planning for their future with a nondescript, upbeat track in the background. After minutes of coy suspense, Hillary came on screen to announce that she’s preparing for the future – by running for president.

So far, Clinton is the only big name on the Democratic side of this election, and as far as I am concerned, she probably paid good money and professional bribery for it to be that way. Don’t think I haven’t learned a thing or two from Frank Underwood. I know what’s up in Washington. On the other hand, the Republican race is “wide-open” and has a ton of “hopefuls” as they call them – Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, plus Donald Trump is “exploring” the possibility, so fingers crossed on that one. We’ll keep you posted.

Can’t wait for Iowa! Just kidding. I can.



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