Hillary & Bill Clinton Are Going To Trump's Inauguration—Wait, What?!

You know what they always say: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Hillary Clinton is apparently a fan of super old clichés, because it was announced earlier this week that she and her husband Bill will be in attendance at the inauguration of head Plastic, Donald Trump. I think I just threw up in my mouth?

Of course, Bill and Hillary are attending in the official capacity of former President and First Lady, not because they’re like, BFFs with Trump and want to be there for his special moment. But still, it just shows that Hillary is strong as fuck and that 99% of us are way too petty to ever be politicians. Seriously, major fucking props to Hillary. It would be super easy for someone in her position to disappear from public life for like three years and come back with a book and pretend the whole thing never happened, but she’s been making public appearances/walking in the woods ever since the election, because god damn she’s resilient. If Trump had lost, we would’ve gotten one week of angry tweets, then he would have disappeared for six months to come up with his next outrageous business scheme.

George W. Bush and his wife Laura will also be at the inauguration, which is a little less surprising, but he’s also not the biggest Trump fan. I guess he’s just excited to finally see a President who’s more hated than he was, because yikes. As long as he keeps his mouth shut about weapons of mass destruction, things should go smoothly.