Hero Saves Dog Buried Alive In Paris

And you thought you were so productive last weekend because you didn’t skip spinning. Well, some guy named Pedro was just walking his dog in a Paris suburb last Saturday, most likely walking off his wine-buzz from lunch (because France, duh) and all of a sudden he literally stumbles upon a dog half buried in the ground. WTF.

I don’t want to go all Elite Daily on you guys, but seriously who would fucking do that? Like if you don’t want your dog just give it to some kid in the street. Also, I feel like this dog deserves a shout out as the most well-behaved dog ever, because what dog do you know that would stand still long enough for you to bury it? Again, what psycho would do this to such a sweet little thing? 

So thank you to the French guy that has restored my small faith in humanity. Quick side note, how has #PedroFromParis not been the trending hashtag for this story?


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