Here Is The Scientifically Proven Way To Get More Instagram Likes

According to a paper by a researcher at MIT, there are certain qualities that inherently make a pic more “likeable” on instagram. They are as follows:

  • Include the following things: a miniskirt, maillot, bikini, cup, bra, perfume, gun 
  • Use red and other striking colors rather than blue and green (boring and way too peaceful)
  • Have more followers on your accounting (I can't believe someone with a Ph.D is seriously studying this)

So basically, science is spending millions of dollars in money that could be like, curing cancer, to tell you the same thing you can easily figure out by looking at a sample of you and your besties' instagrams: that the pics where you're half naked, holding red cups, and a gun (perhaps you're at the army hoes mixer?) will always get the most likes. Fucking duh. 

H/T: Buzzfeed

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