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People Are Now Using Herbal Tampons. Is it Bullshit?

Mom always said “if it grows in the ground, it’s good for you.”

It seems you can’t go anywhere without finding herbs as an ingredient, from fancy teas to drug-store shampoos and even as a crust on steaks and fish.

Herbal cleanses are like, super popular too. They’re said to reduce puffiness and bloating. Some herbal teas claim to help suppress your appetite and aid in weight loss, a betch’s favorite past-time.

And now, thanks to the hippies selling shit on Etsy, you can buy herbal tampons (or Womb Pearls, which some people are calling them, because you know, that sounds better) to cleanse your vag with.

These little herb pockets, which you can buy or make your own if you’re really into it, are supposed to help remove toxic discharge from your lady parts.

A blogger (A.K.A a random on their soapbox sharing shit they think people care about) says she loves this natural remedy.

A gynecologist (A.K.A a medical professional who gets paid to look at vaginas) in San Francisco says it’s crap.

“The vagina is a self-cleaning oven,” says Dr. Jen Gunter. The miracle discharge coming from your vagina when you use herbal tampons is actually a bad thing.

Your vagina releases discharge for 3 reasons:  there’s an infection, there’s irritation, or there’s a lack of good bacteria. Basically, you don’t need special herb packs shoved up there to reset your vagina. It’s got it under control.