Helen Mirren’s New L’Oreal Commercial is Fierce

Helen Mirren may be 69 year old, but you might want to take some life advice from her because she’s a fierce betch.  She’s the new UK Brand Ambassador for L’Oreal, and her first commercial for them debuted the other day. In the 30-second ad she both smolders for the camera at a bus stop and looks more hot in a leather jacket than most 20 somethings. There’s definitely a Jessica Lange for Marc Jacobs Beauty vibe, giving additional evidence that 60 is the new 30. I don't know what that means for us, but these ladies look damn good. She might’ve won an Oscar for playing the most uptight woman in the world (we still love you, Queen Elizabeth), but here she looks like she’s loving life more than ever. Here’s to hoping that Helen is around for many more years to show us who’s boss. There really is nothing like a Dame.



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