What, Like Cooking Is Hard? We Took a Healthy Cooking Class To Find Out

While many of our previous GYST articles have been fitness focused, this doesn’t mean that getting your shit together solely revolves around fitness. Okay, if your normal plans were to sit on your couch and browse Seamless and instead you went to the gym then okay, you def got your shit together. There are lots of things a betch can do to stop feeling like her life’s an actual joke. We discussed how to decorate your apartment as chic as possible and today we’re going to cover cooking.

UGH. I know. Cooking. The fuck. Can’t you just like go out to eat? The reality is going out to eat is expensive and caloric. For those whose response to that is “Who gives a shit, I’m rich and skinny.”  Congrats, but good luck leading with that on a first date. Regardless of how rich the guy you may be dating, he never wants to hear you cannot or do not want to cook and probs will not marry you. Unless you’re a model, in which case you’ve probably been learning how to cook yourself low oil low sugar low salt no gluten low carb dairy free meals your entire life. See betches? Cooking is inescapable and we’re learning that it’s something a betch should figure out how to do sooner rather than later. Plus, the more you cook, the more likes you'll get on your inevitably chic food instas.

So we decided to take some cooking classes and the first one we took was the Everyone Cooks Everything: Healthful Dishes class offered the Institute of Culinary Education and booked through CourseHorse. At first we were scared shitless because like all the recipes included shallots and we were like what the fuck is a shallot I’ve only used garlic. It had lots of layers so with the power of deduction and remembering Shrek, we figured it was some sort of onion. But we digress.

The menu

We made a Cedar Plank Salmon with Blood Orange Glaze, Bibb Salad with Warm Cider Vinaigrette and Asian Pears, (unintentionally but deliciously burned) asparagus, basil, and peas, herbed quinoa, and a super delicious and healthy Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Strawberries Soaked in Balsamic Reduction.

Do we recommend this class?

Yes. During the first hour of the class we all sat down at the table and went through the menu step by step. Betch 2 and I thought two things: 1. we’re going to fuck this up 2. we totally needed to take an Adderall for this.

Honestly, we were a bit scared that we were either going to burn the entire building down or turn it into a scene from the Shining. But because the instructor, Sandy Murzin, was actually amazing, in the end our meal was really good and all our limbs were intact. She kept us calm the entire time, even when we fucked something up, she was like don’t sweat it,  you can always substitute this with this, or just redo it, you have all the time, it’s no big deal you accidentally replaced salt with sugar, just redo it. etc. etc.

At the end of the class we ate our meals, drank some wine and went home tipsy with new acquired cooking skills. But like actually. This bitch had no idea how to properly mince garlic until the other day and now I want to mince the shit out of everything. Grool.

Take away

TBH it’s a lot harder to cook so much when you don’t have the space, tools, or ingredients. Cooking can be expensive if you’re not careful but if you plan ahead you can totally make anything you want. After the class we felt a lot less intimidated about approaching recipes that look a lot more difficult than they actually are. We learned the difference between all the different pans, how to hold a chefs knife, not to run away from a chef’s knife, and not to ignore the word “reduce” in a menu just because you don’t know what it means.

We’re going to be reviewing more classes and even posting some recipes AND if you want to take your own class you can get a 10% discount if you book it through www.coursehorse.com. Just use the code: Betches10