Healthy Betch: Weed Might Actually Fuck With Your Brain and Other Health News

Pregnant women are hopped up on narcos

New research shows that doctors are prescribing opioid painkillers to pregnant women all the fucking time these days. In fact, about 1 in 5 pregnant women now reported to use opioids during pregnancy. Oddly enough, this comes at a time when women are so paranoid about harming their unborn fetuses that they won’t even drink a cup of coffee. But then again, who doesn’t need a little Vicodin to forget about the fact that you’ve gained 50 pounds and spend everyday eating for two? Read article>>

Low blood sugar is the reason you’re a bitch

I mean, this seems like a no brainer considering how bitchy we all are during juice cleanses. However, according to scientists, it’s not just the hunger pangs that make you a bitch, it’s a lack of self control. The theory is that, in all individuals, self control is in limited supply. For instance, when you avoid bitching out your roommate for drinking your last Smart Water or like, don’t tell her those shoes give her cankles even though you REALLY want to, you’re depleting your supply of self control. Once this supply is depleted, all hell breaks loose and you’ll probs be screaming at your roommate that those are the ugliest effing shoes you’ve ever seen.

So how do we get more self control? Well, unfortunately, by eating and getting our blood sugar back to the proper level. That said, betches everywhere will still choose to use their self control towards important things like skipping lunch.  If we really cared about being kind people we’d join the nice girls on their all carb diets. Read article >>

Weed might actually fuck with your brain

A new study claims to have real proof as to how marijuana use impacts your brain. The research compared MRI brain images of 20 recreational marijuana users (who smoked an average of 11 joints a week) and 20 non-users (who we can assume were pretty fucking boring). Results showed that the more one smokes, the more “damaged” certain neural regions become. Among the most effected were parts of the brain were those that impact emotion and motivation. That said, betches don’t really do “emotions” unless we’re blackout so that one doesn’t really apply to us. In terms of motivation, well, you got us there. Now if only I could “motivate” my dealer into texting me back a little quicker… Read article >>

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