Healthy Betch: Doc Says ADHD Doesn’t Exist and Other Important Health News

Here’s your important health news for the week.

No more Adderall!? Doc says ADHD doesn’t exist

After 20 years treating the disorder, Dr. Richard Saul believes that ADHD does not exist. Instead, Saul says our attention problems are the result of other things, such as living in a world where we can check Facebook every five minutes. Apparently, the number of adults taking ADHD medications has increased a TON since 2008. This is because, as Saul notes, the criteria for an ADHD diagnosis is so fucking broad that nearly anyone can walk away with a Ritalin script. As a result, we're creating a generation of adults who cannot function properly without stimulants and that…wait, sorry, what were saying? We haven't taken our Adderall yet today.

Whatever, Dr. Saul. If you think ADD meds have no benefits then you should take a look at our fucking college diplomas. Also, if you won't give us our college candy, we know a Mexican pharmacia that will. Read article >>

Woman mistakes pregnancy for the flu

A Connecticut woman thought she had the flu when she unexpectedly went into labor Saturday morning. The woman claims she didn’t know she was pregnant since she had been getting regular periods during the past nine months. Hmm… I don't know, maybe the massive weight gain and giant hard stomach should've been signs. Seriously, how fat do you have to be to not notice a child is growing inside you? This is a legitimate question, like, we actually want to know. Read article >>

Kesha makes her first red carpet appearance since eating disorder treatment

Kesha showed up to the red carpet Saturday looking noticeably healthier than before (ie. not hungover and like she hadn't showered). The singer's new look is a result of changes she's made following a two-month stint eating disorder rehab earlier this year. According to one rep, Kesha has been busy “focusing on her inner strength” and “practicing self-love“. She also recently tweeted a pic of herself wearing a shirt that says “IMA SURVIVOR”. Kesha, Imma let you finish, but PLEASEEE don't go all Demi Lovato on us and start talking about your issues. Bulimia conversations are, like, SUCH a buzz kill. Read article >>


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