259. Having No Filter

People all around the world seek out betches for their advice. We make entire careers out of it, like it’s not a coincidence that the PR and HR industry are full of betches named Alison. The world turns to betches because we have no filter when it comes to speaking our mind. This has often made your teachers and parents growing up miserable, but as adults we’ve continued the sport of saying whatever we want whenever we want and it’s honestly one of our best qualities.

You don’t have a filter because you don’t have time for bullshit. Your friends know they can count on you to keep it real. They turn to nice girls when they want someone to blow smoke rings up their asses, but they turn to you when they want to hear the truth. Like even if it’s way harsh, Tai needs to tell Cher she’s a virgin who can’t drive. Much in the same way, you will let Beth know if her bangs make her look like the orphan from that horror movie.

sorry for the realness

Unfortunately, having no filter gets you in trouble sometimes. Like, you can’t always see the line between telling your boss you had a good weekend and going into detail about how you finally hooked up with your hot chiropractor. Plus, most people you accidentally go TMI with are actually entertained by your stories. That’s because you’re an interesting person. So in a way, you’re doing everyone a favor by granting them the luxury of your life experiences.

Having no filter can get you into trouble, though. For example, everyone knows that Jared from your outer friend group is a little creepy, but most people just make an internal note not to hang out with him one-on-one while drunk. Not you. You’re not afraid to say, “get your weird sausage hands away from me” to let him know you’re not interested when he tries to corner you at a party, especially if everyone can hear you. Nope, you have no problem exposing people for what they are with your truth bombs. You also have a knack for making comparisons of how people look to their celebrity or cartoon counterpart. Basically, you’re very observant. Maybe you should be a news reporter, but that would involve actual work.

Beauty queen on bath salts

Not everything is negative that comes out of your mouth though, obviously. You have no problem talking yourself up if someone asks. Like you can’t help it if you’re popular, and you can’t help it if you just want to be honest about how great you are. Yes, you agree with everyone that you’re great, and you can even help them with details to support their theory. You may have found yourself saying things like “I’m a catch” and “Wow, he is so lucky to have me” and “I’m such a good friend”.

I cant help that i'm popular

If people were movies, you’d be the uncensored version with director’s commentary. You keep all the deleted scenes in because you have nothing to hide. While other people get caught up in what people might think of them if they say the truth, you let your mouth run like Usain Bolt on steroids.  So cheers to you for having no filter because it’s what got you to where you are. Which is the best. Obviously.


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