Having A Rabbit Is So Hot Right Now

Bunnies are the new hot pet to have right now. Adopting a Yorkie or Chihuahua is fine, that is, if you want to show the world that your taste level hasn't developed past 2002.

Maybe five years ago you would have seemed like a total weirdo for allowing a rabbit to live in your house, but times have changed. Rabbits are inherently betchy and amazing. You can house-train them, but they'll probably never come when you call them, and they'll definitely chew up your phone cord. They're pretty high maintenance except when they're sleeping which might be about 20 hours a day, and all of their actions basically scream “I do what I want.” If that's not the definition of a literal betch spirit animal, I don't know what is.

Instagram is blowing up with house bunny accounts showing off the fucking cutest animals on the face of the planet, like, these bunnies are mind-blowingly adorable.That being said, go follow @wally_and_molly on insta right now.

Wally is a an English Angora rabbit and a Cancer. He also loves Drake. Enough said.

If that just isn't enough cuteness for one day, @bunnymama has more to get you your daily bunny fix.

You're Welcome.


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