Harvey Weinstein Was Arrested And No One Is Sad

Get ready to celebrate some good #MeToo news for once, because rancid swamp demon/movie producer Harvey Weinstein finally turned himself into the authorities on Friday morning, and was arrested on charges of rape and sex abuse. That’s right, at least one shitty Hollywood man is going to face actual legal consequences, instead of laying low in Italy for a few months before resurfacing to make some movie about how he’s “grown” and “changed.”

Weinstein kicked off the Me Too movement when The New York Times and other outlets reported last October that he’d spent decades sexually harassing pretty much every actress you’ve ever loved, plus the occasional potted plant. Multiple women alleged that he’d gone beyond creepy massages and unwanted bathrobe-modeling to full-on assault, but for months, it seemed like maybe Weinstein would be able to get away with just having his career canceled while attending sex rehab as half-heartedly as a hungover college student attends a 9 a.m. sociology lecture.

But on Friday morning, women everywhere got some justice as Weinstein perp-walked out of an NYPD precinct in handcuffs. According to The New York Times, he was arrested and arraigned on charges of first-degree rape and third degree rape in one case where the accuser remains anonymous, and on charges of first-degree criminal sex act for allegedly forcing former actress Lucia Evans to perform oral sex on him.

Weinstein will put up $1 million for bail, and will have to wear a monitoring device before his trial. He plans to plead “not guilty” to the charges, and I’m sure approximately 0.00% of women in the world will believe him.

There’s still a ways to go before Weinstein ends up in prison (fingers crossed!), but all in all, Friday’s perp walk was a much-needed first step, especially after fucking Morgan Freeman.

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