Harry Styles’ Mom Got Hacked And People Are Pissed

In recent celebrity hacks we welcome to the club: Harry Styles’ mom, Anne Cox—proving nobody is safe. Saturday night the hashtag “Anne’s iCloud” started trending and with that came a leak of personal photos from Harry and Kendall’s vacation in St. Barts. If you happened to Google them or see them on Twitter, you would notice the photos are almost identical to the ones he took on vaca with Taylor Swift, except in this case he was actually spending time with Kendall, as opposed to leaving Taylor on the boat by herself and going to hang with his friends. And none for Taylor Swift.

Multiple websites have reported on the leak but none have actually posted the photos, out of concern for Harry’s mom’s privacy, or some shit (you’re no fun). Good to know that this is where the media draws the line in regards to ethics. Good job, guys.

For some reason, this hack was the straw that broke the camel’s back (no rhyme intended) in terms of people realizing how uncool hacking is, and all sorts of people are now speaking out. Like, I agree that it’s fucked up to go through a celebrity’s mom to get the celeb’s private info, but where was everybody when all those nude photos got hacked? Better late than never, I guess?

A Twitter user asked Khloé Kardashian—who totally has a personal connection to this incident—if she had “any opinion on the people that hack other people and invade their privacy”?  Khloe responded in her usual professional manner: “that’s ducked up…and super invasive!!! Not cool.”


In related news, I am comforted to know that celebs are also thwarted by autocorrect.


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