Harry Styles and Kristen Wiig Got Drunk and Danced on a Table Together

One Direction made their 3rd appearance on SNL this past weekend and apparently no one was more psyched about it than Kristen Wiig, who was spotted dancing on a table with Harry Styles at the after party. I was under the impression that was the kind of behavior reserved for sorority 21ers, but I’ve also never been on SNL. Here’s some footage in all it’s drunk glory.


Mr. & Mrs. Claus @harrystyles #kristenwiig

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I think we all knew that Harry was the kind of guy to get drunk and enthusiastically dance to Time of My Life, but it’s nice to have photographic evidence. I’m assuming this was followed by a Dirty Dancing re-enactment, obviously with Kristen playing the part of Patrick Swayze.




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