Happy Friendsgiving: Weekend Horoscopes November 22-24

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and most of us are being unfairly targeted by the cosmos to spend time (if not suffer a bit of drama) at the hands of family members and close friends. Will your slightly racist uncle make more colorful comments this year? Will your aunt dig in to your romantic history? Or will you decide to sit out of Thanksgiving altogether in a show of solidarity with other introverts? Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, you can seek some comfort in your weekend horoscopes.


The moon’s in Libra and your social light is on, Sagittarius. That’s a plus, too, considering Venus is making your outward appearance, personality, and overall demeanor shiny af all weekend long. You’ve got a great chance at making new friends, attracting mates, and enjoying the last weekend you can fit into your skinny jeans.


Don’t get weirded out if you want to spend time alone on Saturday, Capricorn. Sometimes self-love comes in the form of locking the door, turning off your phone, and being alone with your thoughts … or with Netflix. By Sunday, you’ll be feeling ready to socialize again, so call up your betches and head out for brunch, lunch, or drinks.


Try some new sh*t this weekend, Aquarius. The planets are pushing you to broaden your horizons, especially on the friendship front, so maybe give in and grab drinks with that coworker that has friend potential. It’s also a great time to explore things you normally don’t do, like hiking, biking, and other outdoorsy activities that we’re usually all saying “no thanks” to.


Chill tf out this weekend, Pisces. This week has been psychically and emotionally draining, and with Thanksgiving coming up, you better prepare to feel bloated, overly prodded about your romantic life, and generally annoyed with the people around you. Therefore, you’re gonna need to grab a glass of wine, book a mani/pedi appointment, and ignore people around you from Friday afternoon until Sunday night.


Romance is in the cards, Aries, which is shocking considering what a pain in the ass you usually are. The moon in Libra has you feeling sexy and confident, so target Friday and Saturday to head out, plan a date night, or just be social. By Sunday, the planets are rearranging to make you rash, irritable, and pretty much the total opposite of how you felt earlier this weekend, so just know that that’s coming. Yikes.


Get ready for a f*cking emotional rollercoaster, Taurus. The good news is that Mars and Mercury in Scorpio are also activating surprises in the relationship department. Make plans for Saturday and Sunday with friends and family, just keeping in mind drama could pop up here and there.


As Madonna told us so many moons ago, express yourself, bitch. Plan a weird yet fun date night for Friday or Saturday (how about a tantric workshop?) then focus your weekend endeavors on writing your novel, painting a picture of a butterfly, or trying out a multi-step Martha Stewart recipe.


Home and family are number one this weekend, which works out, considering you’re about to enter the season of seeing way too much of your home, other people’s homes, and your family. Do some DIY sh*t, clean your room, and take care of that pile of laundry in the corner on Saturday. On Sunday, you’ll be feeling creative and interesting, so head out and take a cooking class or chug different wines at a fancy restaurant and act like you understand the difference between them all.


It’s a great weekend to try something new, Leo. Romantically speaking, Saturday is a great opportunity for a quick trip out of town with your SO somewhere quaint AF, like a tiny river town with a lot of antique stores. It’s a great time for communication, so if there’s something that’s been on your mind relationship-wise, like that your boyfriend won’t chew with his f*cking mouth closed, take the weekend to talk it out.


Time to review your financial standings, Virgo. Best to bury yourself in those numbers, since Saturday is for relaxing and Sunday has drama on the horizon. Maybe you can make yourself a v boring household budget and finally figure out just how much money you’re spending on DoorDash every week? It’s whatever.


Everyone’s into you this weekend, Libra. You’re a social magnet. Just remember, that sh*t can get exhausting, so you’re okay to pick and choose who you want to spend actual time with. Making yourself happy is the most important thing here, so remember to surround yourself with positive, interesting people and not your weirdo coworkers that you just happen to put up with.


Pay attention to your weird dreams, Scorpio. Your gut will tend to be right this weekend, so whatever intuition you seem to be feeling, follow that sh*t.  Additionally, you’re extra prone to getting your feelings hurt this weekend, especially on Saturday, so try not to take too many comments personally.

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Sarah Nowicki
Sarah Nowicki
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