Happy Birthday Riley Curry!

After this year’s NBA Championship, a shiny new star entered our hearts in the form of our tiny betch spirt animal, Riley Curry.

Over the weekend, our little sass queen proved that see was wayyy up and still very blessed by celebrating her 3rd birthday in a backyard party, Sunday.

Riley whipped and nae nae-d her small little heart out while rocking a romper better than literally everyone else.

Let’s face it, Rylie had a more epic year at 2 years old than most of us have at 22. She became an icon for stealing all of the spotlight at her dad’s NBA Finals news conferences, she got mentioned in a tweet by Big Sean, she attended the Kids Choice Awards and also became a big sister. What did I do this year? Um, less than that.

It’s 2015 and Riley reigns supreme. Happy birthday, Riley!




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