Happy Birthday Month, Aries!

Hear ye, hear ye, it’s time to get shitfaced celebrate because it’s Aries’ birthday month. Break out your pink plastic tiaras because these betches know how to keep it real, and this month it’s all about them. These ladies are relaxed enough to wear sweats beyond just Netflix and chilling, yet they still manage to look fierce AF when it’s time to get shit done. They can be impatient at times, but like, only when the Uber is taking 20 years to show up. They’re also totally confident enough to slip that hot bartender their digits when signing the check (take notes).

So let’s just take a moment to recognize all of the badass Aries ladies in our lives. Oh and probs buy them a gift too or else you’ll never hear the end of it. Typical Aries. Here’s a list of what makes Aries betches amazing—and other shit astrology told us about them.

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The Betches
The Betches
Aleen, Sami, and Jordana are the three co-founders of Betches. Aleen serves as Chief Executive Officer, Sami as Chief Creative Officer, and Jordana as Chief Innovation Officer.