Introducing Happn, An App That Lets You Meet Guys Without Sitting At Home Like A Loser

First, there was Hermes. Then, macarons. Now, the next best thing to come out of Paris is happn: a dating app that gives you a second chance at first impressions.

Although most of the time betches are cool, calm, and collected there's always that one time where you see a hot guy on the street, across the restaurant at brunch, whatever, but you don't say hi because a) that's his job, not yours and b) wtf would you even say, anyway? “I like your beard”? No.

Either that or when you met him you were blackout and have no idea if you gave him your number, what his name was, or what he looked like, aside from the fact that he was really really ridiculously good looking. We aren't here to judge.

Back in the old days, your only options were to spend the next week tormenting yourself over the witty and charming things you could have said, or put out a Craigslist “missed connections” ad. TG you don't have to do either of those things anymore.

Here's how happn works:

– Make a profile, duh.

Happn uses location and works in real time. When you cross paths with another member, their profile will pop up.

– Your home page will show you every other user you've crossed paths with. It will also tell you how many times you've run into them, so you're more likely to run into guys who work out at Equinox with you than the regulars at Comic Con.

– “Like” someone's profile if you “like” what you see (ha, get it?) if it's a match, you can talk to each other. If not, they'll never know.

– You can also send them a “charm” which is basically the app's equivalent of saying, “I don't know your name but excuse me sir, I saw you from across the room. And I got to admit that you've got my attention, you're makin' me wanna say yo!” (it sends them a notification)

Then the rest is up to you.

Some more things to know:

– You can block unwanted creepers at any time

– The app doesn't save your current location, only the location of where you ran into other members. So the actual probability of stalkers is pretty low.

Happn started in Paris, then spread to London, Berlin, Barcelona, and now New York. So essentially if you want to know which city happn is coming to next just check the Betch List.

Bottom line, life's too short to be sitting on your computer on OKCupid–happn is putting the spontaneity back in dating apps. Not to mention it'd be hard to get Catfished by someone you literally passed on the street. The only downside to happn I could think of is that now no one will ever need to post a personal ad on a billboard a la Billboard Dad, but I can def live with that.


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