Halle Berry’s Ex Wants a Ridiculous Amount of Child Support

Time and time again we’ve warned against the perils of Shady Asshole Bros, and Halle Berry is the perfect example as to why that is. You probably remember she used to be with French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, and they had a daughter together in 2008. Then they broke up in 2010, which is now five fucking years ago. Well, they have joint custody, and now Gabriel is complaining about the amount of child support he gets. They’re back in court, and it’s getting ugly because Gabriel wants fucking $16,000 a month. Halle isn’t messing around, and says she doesn’t want to pay more than $3,000.

Really Gabriel needs to suck it up and get a life. Basically he dated a really famous movie star, they broke up five years ago, and now he still doesn’t want to move on and get over it. His excuse is that he gets less work as a model because Halle’s new man beat him up. Like nice story bro, but get a damn job. Tbh it’s just pathetic at this point, because you’re a grown man.


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