New Year’s Eve Hair Accessories You Should Consider Wearing

1. ‘Petite Vines’ Headband, $48

2016 — like every year ——  is all about being thin. What better way to represent that then with a dainty headband?


2. Embellished Flower Clip, $22

This over the top accessory serves as a great convo starter/table topic.


3. Triangle Barette, $12

For when you’re trying to be more low-maintenance, but still in the mood to mix it up on NYE. Like that chill threesome you had last year.


4. Lace Headdress, $62.70

“Always a bride, never a bridesmaid.” — My 2016 mantra.


5. Pearl Hair Slides, $100

Aren’t these sooo perfect for stabbing your eyes out the next morning when you’re so hungover that it hurts to exist?


6. Hair Tattoo, $5

If all else fails, just pull this Kylie Jenner trick out of the bag. It’s still cuter than those “2016” glasses that everyone will try to make you wear.



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