Hackers Leak 4.6 Million Snapchat Accounts YAY

On New Year's an anonymous hacker group published the user names and phone numbers (with the last 2 numbers blurred out) of 4.6 million #200 Snapchat profiles. While this does mean that your boob pics are still safe, it doesn't mean they are safe forever. The Verge reports that the hackers did it to “raise awareness” about Snapchat's loophole in security that the company is choosing to ignore. I meannnn I'm so over this shit. Doesn't everyone already know that everything they put on the internet (specifically through a free app) is never going to be safe? I mean if someone wanted to see my hungover-double-chin-snapchat-selfies that I set to a 3 second timers THAT BADLY that they hack the entire Snap database… they totally deserve the right to. 

If you want to know if you were “affected” you can click here. And by affected we mean barely. 

Source: theverge.com


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