Gwyneth Paltrow Spent $1.2 Million on a Blog and Other Important Business News

Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog is $1.2 million in debt

Gwen’s “positively inspiring” website, GOOP, is $1.2 million in debt according to recent reports, partly due to the fact that she and the site’s CEO, Sebastian Bishop, causally took out interest free loans from the company account. While the site earned a total of $1.5 million in 2012, the company’s poor spending (including $79,961 on the GOOP newsletter and $1,564,995 in “administrative expenses”) also contributed to the “positively inspiring” website going positively broke. In GOOP’s defense, they did give, like, $11,000 to charity. Paltrow may not have a fucking clue how to run a business, but her heart’s like, totally in the right place. Read article >>

Netflix will increase subscription prices

Netflix announced Monday that they plan to increase subscription prices for new customers. While subscription costs will increase about $1 to $2 each month, current subscribers shouldn't won't be affected…at least for now. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings defended the price increase saying, “In order to expand and create more great original content…we eventually have to increase prices a bit.” Personally, I don’t give a shit. If your financial situation is so bad that you cannot afford to spend $10 a month on Netflix then maybe you shouldn’t be spending so much of your time watching Netflix…just saying. Read article >>

Former Yahoo exec is given massive golden parachute

If you get fired as an exec at Yahoo you can still make more money than most people make in their lives. After only 15 months on the job, ousted chief operating officer Henrique de Castro was awarded a severance package valued at $58 million. De Castro was apparently let go because of his failure to improve Yahoo's advertising revenue, which has been lacking in recent years in comparison to other internet giants like Facebook and Google. My question is, why would anyone NOT want to get fired from Yahoo given this fact? I mean, it's already bad enough you're working for a company that’s about as relevant as AOL, but look how much money you can make by leaving! Yahoo defended the ridiculous severance package by claiming that De Castro was not given a bonus in 2013. So somehow this evens out? I thought bonuses were for good performance, which this bro obviously didn't achieve. Idk, Yahoo, you might want to check your math on that one. If not, I understand why your revenue sucks. Read article >>


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