Fuckboy Blasts “Clingy Girls” On Facebook, Gets Exposed As A Stage 5

Like many of the people you know, “Ben” likes to vent on Facebook (because, you know, his friends care so much).

Ben, AKA every male moron you’ve ever known, took to Facebook to cry about “clingy” women. 

Like goddamn, Ben, you’re so hilarious and smart. Look at the 21 supporters you have! And your man Greg backing you up. Adorable.

Everything seems to be going well for our man Ben, until the aforementioned “clingy” girls start to come out of the woodwork…

Girls are clingy, Ben? Jessica, Daphné, and Anika beg to differ. In a perfect world, the dream of any millennial guy has come true for Ben—he’s gone viral like his Damn Daniel brethren. Except this isn’t a dream come true, because the entire population of women on the internet are retaliating. Oops.

Hey, Ben.

Insulting women never works, but we hope you’re happy now! 


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