Gus Kenworthy: Betchy Athlete Of The Week Pt. 2

You may remember Gus Kenworthy from his last appearance as the betchy athlete of the week. The silver medalist from the Sochi Olympic Games gained fame after adopting a few adorable abandoned puppies from Russia. And he’s so fucking hot.

Well, Kenworty is a repeat winner for a great reason. Kenworthy came out in an interview with ESPN, becoming the first professional action sports athlete to come out as gay. In fact, his ex-boyfriend actually played a big role in adopting those puppies that made Gus so famous.

Kudos to Kenworthy. In a sport dominated by chauvinism and the aura of a “boys club,” he had concerns before coming out and the effect his decision would have on his support. But now the freestyle skier is just looking for a boyfriend to support him from the crowd.

With looks like that, we doubt he’ll struggle. The gay community just gained a hot commodity. 


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