The Betch’s Guide to Taking Graduation Pics

You did it, betch! After four years of skipping class, Thirsty Thursdays, and a lot of regrettable decisions, you’ve coasted your way to graduation, a day that marks one of the most important photo ops of your entire life. So put on your grad cap and tell your mom to grab her camera. Hey everyone, come see how good I look! It’s time to take some fucking pictures.


The friend group you choose to take graduation photos with should be exclusive. I mean, why would you want to commemorate this moment next to fucking Kelly when you’ve only been pretending to like her since, like, junior year? “Okay, get a pic of me, Taylor, and Abby….Okay, now just me and Taylor.” Above all, this is your day, so don’t feel bad about acting like a bitch.  You’ve worked, like, SOO hard to get here. “Damn it, Abby! I said JUST me and Taylor.

Location, Location, Location

Your school probs has landmark that everyone takes pics in front of on graduation.  Know that this spot is probably going to be crowded as fuck…but taking pics ahead of time is, like, SUCH a try hard move.  So, unless the pic is like crucial for your social media presence, it’s best just to wing it. “Okay, we have 20 mins before the ceremony starts!” I mean, you’ve been fashionably late for everything else in college. Why should graduation day be any different?

What To Wear

Believe it or not, it is possible to dress like a slut while wearing a cap and gown. With that said, graduation is a time to keep it somewhat classy because, unlike your Thirsty Thursday pics, there’s a good chance your grandparents will actually see these photos. Make you coordinate your outfit choices with your besties because this is not the day you want to show up wearing the same thing. Also, it’s best to skip the gown for most of your pics. Those things make everyone look like a fat ass.

The Sorority Pic

Yay! One more pic with the “sisters” you’ve been pretending to love for the past few years! Definitely make sure you are posed next to people you like, actually like so that you can crop everyone else out later if need be. Also, this isn’t fucking bid day. You don’t need to make the group pic of you guys your cover photo. It’s actually a little bit sad if you do.

So betches, enjoy this day, and remember a candid laughing shot of you and your besties is worth way more likes than a shot that’s fucking posed.


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