The Betches’ Guide To Power Naps

When a betch is too busy between blacking out, Soul Cycle, and not texting back, she turns to one of the universe’s most prized gifts – the power nap. Power naps are more than just naps, they’re naps with a purpose. Since betches are always getting shit done, the power nap is our favorite way to restore our powers in minimal amount of time.

When is a nap a power nap? When you have shit to do but you are also like, le tired.  For example, it’s Becky’s birthday and she has an open bar but brunch took so much out of you already. You’re not going to miss her birthday, so you take a power nap, rally, and you’re ready to go again.

Power naps can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, but the longer you nap after 10pm, the less likely you are to wake up before the sun comes up.  There’s nothing more disappointing than waking up at 6am with the lights on and realizing your power nap was a little too powerful.

Betches love power naps for the same reason we love shots – it’s quick and gets the job done.  Power naps aren’t just useful for partying, they’re also our friend when it comes to not doing work. If you’ve got an assignment you’re supposed to work on, just take a power nap.  Who knows, when you wake up, you might just decide to not do it at all. Win win situation.

A good tip to remember is like, power naps are most efficient when you don’t change your outfit or wash your face. If you’re siesta takes place before a night out, you want to finish getting ready down to everything but your shoes. That way, when that iphone alarm goes off, you can literally roll out of bed and into an Uber.  An even better way to make sure you wake up is to text your friends before you take that nap that you’re on the way and will be there in twenty. You nap, wake up in twenty, and now you’re on the way to being on time for being only twenty minutes late.

Remember, betches don’t need to be awake to be winning. Just stay focused when napping and you’ll never need a full night’s sleep again.


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