The Betches’ Guide to Journaling

Being a betch all the time is a lot of work, because even though winning comes easy to us, being constantly in demand can be soo busy. As social as we are, we also need betch time to ourselves.  Betches love journaling because it’s something we do for ourselves and helps us keep track of our awesome thoughts.

Your life coach may have suggested you start journaling as an adult, but every betch had a diary at some point in her betchhood. We started writing down our thoughts from an early age, and we made sure to lock it up, even though now we know those locks were so bad a strand of hair could pick them open.

Journaling is a lot like eating a salad. Nobody really cares that you did it at all, but you still feel kind of great you remembered to do so.  It’s probably good for you anyways, but you kind of half expect to get something in return for being so well-disciplined.

Betches may journal about many things, but never in the same place. Like you wouldn’t put your workout goals in your dream journal, because that just doesn’t make sense. You probably don’t have a dream journal either TBH but hey, some people are into that shit. Most betches journal about goals, because like Pinterest vision boards of your future house are eerily predictive, we all know the power of intention when it comes to words.  Betches also journal about their feelings, because as stone cold as we are to people, we have no problem telling a piece of paper how Melissa was acting like a bitchy whore last night. 

The best part of journaling is going back and re-reading what you were like in the past. Betches are constantly evolving, so even the you six months ago can seem like a totally different person.  The greatest part about finding an old entry you forgot you wrote is when you read a line and think, “wow, that was really insightful. I was pretty smart for my age.”

Nothing is more telling than reading about how you met a bro last year you thought was cute, and now he’s in love with you.  A journal is written proof that you literally always get what you want. Plus, there has to be something for future biographers to look at when they do our E! True Hollywood Story. 


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