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A Guide To Hooking Up With Your Work Crush

The holiday office party is just around the corner, and all around the open bars and hor d’oeuvres platters, bad decisions to hook up with co-workers are being made. Before you decide to go full Vanderpump Rules on your place of work, here’s a helpful guide to deciding if you should hook up with your work crush or keep the sexual tension alive.

Would you date him outside of work?


Be honest with yourself. Would you actually be interested in him if he wasn’t just the closest thing to normal in your immediate cubicle area? If you answered yes, DON’T hook up with him. Because you’re not going to date your co-worker, so having an actual crush on him will be awkward for everyone. Instead, keep the sexual tension alive until one of you quits/leaves/gets fired and hook up with him then. Win-win situation.

Has he hooked up with anyone else at the office?

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If he’s the office man slut, he’ll probably be down to hook up with you. This also depends on who the other girls he’s hooked up with are. If they’re chill and you get along, then hooking up with your work crush is like, a bonding experience. Plus you won’t be the (only) slutty one, so that’s a good reason to hook up with him.

Is he in a higher or lower position than you?

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If he’s in a higher position than you, you’re okay to hook up with him—if shit goes down, it’s his ass on the line and not yours. If you’re his superior, don’t do it. I mean, students are never to blame for hooking up with their teachers, so basically just keep that in mind. It might be fun to flirt with the hot intern, but he’s not worth losing your job over. If he’s the same level, it’s your call.

Is he your boss?

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The answer to this is clearly no, but you’re probably going to do it anyways because it’s a hot situation and we can’t blame you. If you must, just don’t be sober for it, so you can blame it on the alcohol.

Work crushes are almost always more fun to have when they’re just a crush. Because as soon as you sleep with your work crush, you’ll have to work with someone you either know is terrible at sex or really good at sex. Maybe if you’re lucky he’ll be mediocre and it’ll just be a fun fling to have at work. But there’s a 75% he won’t be, which means either way you’ll have a hard time focusing on anything else for the rest of the year.