The Betches’ Guide To Having Friends in Town

Everyone knows that having friends in town is an excuse to party on weeknights and go hard like it’s a holiday. When betches have visitors, it’s like having a birthday. It becomes the excuse for getting out of shit you don’t want to do, and also the reason you keep the party going for days.

When your high school friends come visit you for the first time in college, you know it’s going to be fun. Since you guys were already friends before you started drinking or going to clubs, taking them out is ten times better than just going out with your college friends. The b in #TBT might as well stand for blackout – catching up with old friends who you can now do fun shit you never did before with is priceless.

The goal when your friends come to visit is to pack everything that you would do together in a year into one weekend – since you don’t live in the same city anymore. Therefore, there are no excuses not to rally and go hard, even if you have work at 9am.

The best thing about having friends visit is you get out of doing other shit. For some reason, even if you made a prior commitment to do something, the excuse “I actually have a friend in town tomorrow so I can no longer make it to your book club” is very valid. Nobody ever bothers to ask how you happened to forget your friend was visiting until the day before. Either way, it’s very useful for getting out of second dates, calling your mom, and when your boss asks you to stay late.

Aside from going out on a Tuesday, when visitors come, you brunch and you brunch hard. If they’ve never lived in your city before, you can take them to all your favorite places and watch them fall in love with them. You also have a very good excuse for day drinking and taking lot of Instas without annoying everyone on your feed.

Aside from taking them out, introducing your friends to each other is a great part of having visitors. Combining your college, post grad, and high school friend circles into one group chat keeps your life easier and enforces the fact that you have good taste in friends. Unfortunately, if your friends don’t get along, you will have to mediate. But it’s not always so bad, because you’ll notice everyone will be fighting for your attention, much like on your birthday.

Finally, the best part of having friends visit is when the finally leave at the end of the weekend. No matter how good of a friend they are, having your room back and your schedule back is always a huge relief.


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