Guess What Reality Show Ke$ha Was Shadily On

So we all know Kim K started her career in the shadows of Paris Hilton cleaning her closet but did you know Ke$ha is included in this started from the bottom list? Kesha and her Walmart clad family were on an episode of the simple life. Kesha was a ginger at the time with platinum highlights that trump Ryan Seacrest's in the early American Idol seasons. She also donned a very spooky scarf in the episode. Paris and Nicole spent the episode trying to get Kesha's mom a date. Kesha stayed in touch with Paris after the episode and attended a party at her house a couple years later in which she got too fucked up (shocker) and threw up in her closet. Kim K must have been pissed her hardwork was destroyed. Anyway, she then wrote a song about it and voila Kesha added a money sign to her name.




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