241. Group Chats

Although everyone knows the iOS updates are pretty LIGAS usually, the most recent one does offer some salvation. As betches, we’re obvi in high demand 100% of the time and group chats prove this. We are always included in the group chat even if it doesn’t necessarily pertain to us.

While the group chat can be pretty entertaining when we’re discussing our adventures from the night before or coordinating plans for a group vaca or dinner, sometimes it is pure torture. Sure, I want to see pictures of my asshole friend who was dancing drunk on a bar or making out with some Rando the night before but the topic of the group chat always goes astray.

We could be talking about the drunk asshole friend one second, making fun of her and secretly hoping people think we’re doing better in life than she is. But when the conversation turns to “ugh I have so much work to do today” or “did anyone watch Scandal from last night?” I literally can’t. No I didn’t watch Scandal yet, and don’t fucking ruin it for me. And no I don’t care that you have work to do, I’m the only one who can complain because it’s annoying when you do it.

Before the update, I would literally have to suffer through this agony hoping eventually they will all shut the fuck up. However, they never seem to run out of pointless shit to say to each other. Eventually I would have to scream “START A NEW CHAT WITHOUT ME,” proving them right that I’m the total bitch they all always say I am.

So here’s to you, iOS, for giving me one less thing I have to complain about this week.