Google Wants To Protect You From Seeing TV Spoilers

Google is trying to invent a service that would prevent your asshole friends from ruining tv shows and movies for you, because somebody didn't want to known that Walt dies at the end of Breaking Bad (sorry, not sorry). The way it works is that Google would track you and your friends'/followers' viewing habits, which is a little Big Brother, but I'm fine if it prevents some rando on Twitter telling me that Dan is Gossip Girl. Whenever somebody posts about a part of the show or movie that you haven't seen yet, Google would block it and ask you if you're sure you want to read about it. The whole thing sounds phenomenal, especially with the series finale of Mad Men coming up.

But the problem is that Google doesn't own Facebook or Twitter so how the fuck would this actually work?? They have to know that nobody fucking uses Google+ except the weird girl who has her own lit mag. Let's hope that Facebook, Twitter and BuzzFeed pull their heads out of their asses and buy this program. Google, you're the real MVP.




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