Google Is Trying To Make Smart Watches The New iPhone: Business Betch

Once again, here’s your important business news for the week:

Whatever, Google. Smart watches are soooo not the new IPhone

Google is coming up with a new line of smart watches. Hoping to build off the success of Android smart phones, the company has built a similar Android platform specifically for the new devices. These watches (which, side note, are hideous) can apparently do some pretty crazy shit, like according to a promo video put out by Google, warn you about jelly fish right before you get in the ocean. People in the tech world are saying that smart watches are the new smart phones. We say they’re fucking wrong.

Betches will never wear smart watches because they’re so fug. Obviously we lose our phones enough where it does make sense to strap something to our wrists, but these things are bigger than those hideous Baby-G watches we all wore back in middle school. No fucking thanks. Read article>>

Employers think women suck at math

According to a new study, employers are less likely to hire women for certain roles on the assumption that men are better at math. When hiring managers were presented with both male and female job candidates, all of whom had taken a math exam, the managers were twice as likely to pick a male candidate even if the female candidate had received a higher score. The group of hiring managers (which consisted of both men and women) also found it hard to believe that the female candidates had, on average, obtained similar scores as their male counterparts. Basically, no matter what the numbers show, people still think women suck at math. While the whole “female empowerment” movement is not necessarily our thing, we can all agree this is pretty fucking annoying. That Asian girl from your stats class is probably really pissed about it too. Read article>>

Toyota fucked up…bad

Soooo, pretty sure Toyota’s PR team is working overtime to deal with this one. A four-year investigation uncovered the company failed to disclose dangerous safety defects, such as gas pedals that could cause “sudden, unintended acceleration”.  The company has since been fined a $1.2 billion penalty by the U.S. government. Well, that’s fucking terrifying. When we bought our Priuses to seem environmental we at least expected them to, like, not kill us.

On top of all this, General Motors now is also under investigation now for failing to recall cars linked to 12 deaths. WTF is wrong with you, auto industry? For any betches looking to buy a car, just get a fucking Mercedes. Read article>>

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