Google Glass App Can Tell You What You Look Like During Sex

Google is always trying to be ahead of the curve by rolling out new shit most regular people wouldn't even think about and probably don't fucking need. Well this time their innovation is something every betch (actually every human probs) has wondered at least once in her life. What do we look like during sex?

There's an app for Google Glass called Glance, which lets you see your own face during sex. TBH, I had to brush up on my knowledge of Google Glass because only Asians and tech nerds know about that and I am none of the above. I asked my token asian betch about it and she looked kinda confused too so I can to Google search WTF Google Glass even is.

In short it's basically a mini-computer you can attach to your glasses. LAME. Like why are laptops not an acceptable thing anymore?

Anyways, only reason we thought Google Glass could be kinda cool is so that we could find out what our O face's look like. But then we found out both partners have to be wearing these weird AF glasses for it to work and that's really just the biggest turn off we have heard in a while.

Last thing a betch wants is a fucking camera in her face while she's having sex with a bro. That just cannot end well – see Kim Kardashian and any another victim of a sex tape.



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