Good News For Stoner Betches, Weed Is Now Legal In More States

Things just got a whole lot better for stoner betches because more states have voted to legalize marijuana. Now betches in Alaska (if there are any), Oregon, and Maine (South Portland specifically) can hotbox without worrying about getting arrested. Basically if you're over 21 you're allowed to carry up to 2 ounces or grow up to 6 plants in your house if you're the gardening type. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “green thumb.” You can also do what's called a “transfer” of an ounce to someone else, but you can't actually sell it to them. I'm taking this to mean it's now legal to give away free weed? Can I “transfer” somebody my ounce in exchange for a handle? These are serious questions that need answers.

Washington DC also voted to legalize pot but it's a bit trickier over there since DC isn't technically a state and Congress can just overrule all their laws. Kind of a buzzkill. I'll let you decide if that pun was intentional or not.




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