Some Bitch Used GoFundMe To Pay For Her Uber

Some DAB (drunk ass bitch) unknowingly paid $362 for an Uber ride while blackout drunk. It was Halloween so naturally Uber raised their prices, because they know that 3 am desperation will make a betch pay almost anything for a ride. Anyways, this chick was blackout so didn't remember how much the car ride cost – rookie mistake. Anybody who has ever taken an Uber before knows that they tell you about price increases during peak times so this is super fucking dumb.

When she woke up the next morning she had a more regrets than Chris Brown in 2008. She then started a GoFundMe asking people to donate money to pay for her Uber fuck up because she didn't have enough money to pay both her rent and the Uber. Well this is awkward. Help her, she's poor – but not in a funny way. We can only hope she never procreates.




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