Glee is Finally Over

After six tired seasons, Glee finally threw in the towel last week.  This makes sense, because no one has actually watched it since like 2011. All the important characters graduated from high school after season three, so it's really pretty unclear what they've been doing since then. (Okay I looked it up and Rachel already fucking starred in a Broadway show). 

Clearly Glee was always supposed to be ridiculous, but it probably would've worked better with less annoying people.  Lea Michele is already doing a new tv show, and Matthew Morrison is going back to Broadway like next week. Tbh the only one who wasn't annoying was Cory Monteith, and we all know what happened to him.

You'll have to go somewhere else for you show choir fix, which is fine because that's not a thing. In reality the only thing we might miss is bitchy cheer coach Sue, but even her probably not so much.




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