Giuliana Rancic Makes Her Own Wine Brand

Giuliana Rancic has finally proved her worth. The E! star has her own wine brand now but instead of being in a normal bottle, it comes in four shatterproof, closable glasses. It's basically shitty wine in a mason jar and it costs $10. Why did it take the world so long to come up with such a great idea?? I'm really into this because it's the wine equivalent of becoming a real person. It's the perfect transition from slapping the bag to sipping pinot at a dinner party. Plus, you can take them places like the beach or a playground.

Can't you see Kerry Washington at a park with her son taking pulls from a mason jar of wine. It's such a joke that G thinks this makes her relevant. She said, “the quality must be there. My name is on it and people trust me to recommend something that will give them great value.” What people trust you about wine? I want names. She basically rebottled Franzia and thinks she's Nick Parker. Regardless, sorry red-bull vodka, this is my new go-to drink.




Source: eOnline


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