Girls Recap: Death Becomes Her

Girls last night was pretty morbid but somehow still sooo fucking funny. Even though the episode revolved around people who either died or pretended to, every character was able to make these ordeals into stories about themselves and how much they didn't really seem to care. On that note, Adam's sister is still here and I have a feeling this whole cemetery scene is why they cast Samantha from Now and Then as Liney, because she had a lot of acting experience prancing around headstones without seeming to give a shit about the dead people. Aka she fits in perfectly.


Hannah was great this episode because her whole plot was based on her shitty quality of making everything about herself, which is definitely what we have most in common. She's so self-involved that she actually asks people if they're going to call her self-involved before they even think of it themselves. The whole story about the cousin with the muscular dystrophy was so intensely fake I KNEW THE WHOLE TIME but I do love how Hannah repeats it and pretends it’s real and Adam actually believes she was selfless enough to take her female cousin to the dance instead of some boy she was obviously obsessed with in high school.

“No one even told me what’s next for my e-book!” – Love this. It’s totally what everyone would be thinking but no one would say out loud.

“I think all the time about what I would say at your funeral!”  – Again she brilliantly manages to make everything about her.

Adam: Are you not thinking about anything besides when your book is going to hit the stands?
Hannah: It’s an e-book Adam it’s never gonna hit the stands because there are no stands and you know that.

Ray: Hannah, why don’t you place just one crumb of basic human compassion on this fat free muffin of sociopathic compassion. 

…Hannah’s thinking like, omg we have FAT FREE MUFFINS!?


Wow Jessa sooo WOULD be the one who has a friend who faked her death. Does people actually do that in real life!? Here's hope that Tupac is alive.

It's actually kind of ironic that she discovers her friend's fake death the same day as she says that whack quote that's like “Really we have already died and also have not yet been born.” Deep thoughts by Jessa come true.


Marnie seems like she's about to crack. I do love her workout routine though, it’s totally how she would work out, in like a mad marathon bitch frenzy.

“Of course I don’t want to work here. This place fucking sucks. No one wants to work here.”

“Fancy people want to work with me so I’m going to give them that pleasure and I'm gonna go work with them.”


Shosh is way too naive for someone who's experienced the death of a close friend which makes it kind of hard to believe. We were always meant to be a fivesome not a sixsome. Oh how convenient that the dud of your bestie group just like, went away.

You know at least half that bandana collection is left over from her camp square dancing days.


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