Girls Rapping About Dad Bods Is Raunchy And Spot On

We already know that bros love the dad bod, because it makes not trying even easier for them. Naturally there has been no shortage of championing articles about the dad bod from the male perspective, but the female perspective has been lacking.  Yes, we betches already explained how we felt in an article, but now there’s a music video with a pretty catchy beat explaining how girls feel about the dad bod. It’s raunchy, but hilarious.


The music video features dudes with dad bods as the video girls and the girls rapping instead.  Best lyrics are Don’t want a 10 just give me that 6 // His stomach so thick he can’t see his own dick.  A little harsh, Gretch. But apparently this is what the world says they want now. Even the NY Times weighed in and it was like, so you agree you think you’re really pretty?

Before you hate watch the video and mouth off about how you’re sick of this trend (is it really a trend? We’re pretty sure it’s just a fancy name for lowering your standards), at the end of the day this video actually speaks to the annoying double standard dad bods represent.

Look, we’re all for body confidence here at Betches, but the message is always that if you judge us we’ll judge you right back.  Nicely done girls.


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