Girl Who Uploaded Video Of Her Kissing Strangers To Youtube Is Super Surprised It Went Viral

Farah Brook is a comedian who wanted to land a film role, but the audition had a catch: She had to film herself pulling a prank of her choice on the unsuspecting public. I know, I'm as surprised as you that the audition “catch” didn't involve a smirk and the sound of pants unzipping, but it's 2015, after all. For her prank, she chose to attempt to kiss strangers in New York's Grand Central Station, as though traveling on Metro North isn't punishment enough. Brook, who upoloaded her own video of herself doing something obviously outrageous to youtube, is, like, SUPER surprised it's gone viral.

I mean, Farah Brook is pretty cute, so I'd probably let her smooch me. I'd probably let her do a lot more, if that's what she wanted. Is there a point to this? No. I guess you could tease out some commentary on double standards or whatever. I mean, I did try the same thing last week, only without some asshole very obviously filming me. The only thanks I got was a taser from the cop I tried to plant one on. You'd think he would have been way more chill about it. But yeah, nothing to see here. Men fear that women will laugh at them; women fear men will kill them. No guy's worried that a girl will throw a drink at him and threaten to cut him for resisting her mouth hugs. Props to the hero who really went for it at the end. That was a “You're gonna be pregnant by the time we're done” kinda kiss.


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