Girl Used WhatsApp to Become Mayor in Brazil

This crazy betch in Brazil has been using WhatsApp to pretend to be mayor of some city. LITERAL GOALS. Her name is Lidiane, and she's been mayor since 2012 after her boyfriend was charged with corruption and couldn't be mayor anymore. Like any good girlfriend trying desperately to get her boyfriend to propose, Lidiane ran for mayor and hired her boyfriend as her adviser. Somehow, this feels oddly similar to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, it turns out that Lidiane lives like 200 miles away from the town she's the mayor of and uses WhatsApp (IM for smart phones) to talk with government officials. So she basically doesn't do shit, gets paid, and has a killer Linkedin profile. She's been governing a town like she's playing Sim City IRL. But the jig is up, she's about to get arrested for lying, being a shitty mayor, and misappropriating $4 million – next time, she should use GroupMe.




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