Think Your Apartment is Small? This Girl Lives On A Fucking Train

We all complain about how we need bigger and better apartments, personally, I think the penthouse would just work with my lifestyle perfectly. But to put things in perspective, some girl in Germany just gave up her apartment and is now living on a train.

Apparently, she got into a fight with her landlord and was just like fuck this shit, imma live on a train. But to be fair, trains in Europe are pretty nice and it sounds like she is really just using this as an excuse to travel around, so don’t give her all your #feels just yet.

She says that the train is her “home base”, and that she uses her boyfriend’s house and her family’s house to do laundry and store all her stuff. Also, she’s still in college and is “writing about her experiences as part of her coursework”, so I guess in Germany you can major in Blogging, so this girl is not exactly roughing it as much as she is trying to make it seem. But hey, this is pretty creative excuse to travel around for a year.


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