Some Girl Attacked Adam Levine On Stage And It’s Hilarious

Some BSCB low-key attacked Adam Levine during a Maroon 5 concert. Same. Homegirl was obviously blackout drunk, somehow got on stage (good job by the security guards), and tried to hug/tackle Adam. She grabbed his neck like she was trying to steal a piece of pizza at 3 am. Adam tried to calm her down by putting his arm around her (read: put her in a straight jacket) until one of his top-notch security guards could escort her off stage.



#luckystrike I shoulda jumped onstage!!! #maroon5 #adamlevine #yesplease AWESOME seats!! Thanks @nloera4

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He said that it was “terrifying” because his eyes were closed and he was really feeling the song (calm down, you're Maroon 5 not U2) but didn't seem that angry about it. He finished off the incident with “It's okay sweetheart. I love you. I'm glad you're a fan of the band.” He loves her??? That's a pretty low standard for love – being physically assaulted on stage. Then again, he is besties with Blake Shelton so I don't know. Just imagine this happening to Kanye West – that rant would be epic. Peep the video to remember that even though you drunk texted your ex, you didn't pull this shit.



#getyourfaceouttamyface #adamlevine #maroon5 After the crazy drunk chick jumped onstage

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