Your Friend Who Orders Gin & Tonics Is A Psychopath, According To Science

We all have those gin-drinking friends. Don’t get me wrong, I can get down on a gin and tonic, but like, I’ll drink anything that makes me forget how terrible work was, so I don’t count. I’m talking about those friends that scoff anytime there’s vodka within a five mile radius of them because “gin is so much more sophisticated.” Eye roll. Well now there’s a study that says people who drink gin are more likely to be psychopaths. I fucking knew it.

Stassi is always right

The study says that people who prefer a bitter taste (didn’t know gin was all that bitter but k) have pyscho, sadist tendencies and are more aggressive and less agreeable. So that’s why all those gin-sipping hipsters are so fucking defensive about how much better gin is than vodka. The study also says they’re more likely to be narcissists, which again, makes total sense to me. So there ya have it. Stick to vodka sodas or else you might turn into a serial killer or something.

I choose vodka


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