Gigi and Zayn In This Italian Photoshoot Is Just Straight-Up Unfair

So Gigi and Zayn just shipped off to Naples for an Italian photoshoot that will be featured in the May issue of Vogue, and I’m noticing there’s kind of a disparity between their lives and mine. The pictures feature the couple sporting fashion trends for spring (a lot of plaid and leather, apparently) while looking extremely hot and as in love as ever. I want to be happy for them, but I just don’t think this whole situation is fair given the fact that I’m not in Italy, had to go to work today, and need to do laundry later.

The pair worked with Mario Testino, a revered high fashion photographer, who styled the shoot to depict a traditional afternoon in Southern Italy. They’re romantically posed in front of stunning vistas and also captured in action shots including riding a motorcycle along the coast, laughing in the streets, hooking up in a glam hotel room and doing acrobatics in bed. This is all incredibly charming, but I just waited 45 minutes in line for a Sweetgreen salad, so I’m not as thrilled as I could be to see their vacation. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still love Gigi and Zayn, and this photoshoot is technically gorgeous in every way. All I’m just saying is that maybe we could keep the playing field a little more even next time by inviting me and Harry Styles. Or me and any member of One Direction really. I’m reasonable.