Gigi Hadid Low Key Third Wheeled Kendall and Cara

Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are the real life Cher and Dionne. Cara's basically a member of the Kardashian family, she's been renamed Kara because unlike Caitlyn Jenner she understands the sanctity of K names. Gigi is distantly related to Kendall through marriage, so she's actually a member of the fam. Anyway, the triumvirate of size 0, 5'10″ models are the Queen Bees of fashion right now. They had a really busy weekend being better than everybody else.

First, they went to Taylor Swift's Hyde Park concert. There were 65,000 people there, which is like the size of two state schools. The full betchy Hollywood clique made an appearance, because nothing says 'I buy my friends' like an on-stage photo op. Martha Hunt, Karlie Kloss, Kendall, Cara, Gigi, and Serena Williams (one of these things is not like the others) chilled on stage while Taylor sang 'Style.' The Instas of them on stage are the equivalent of photos with your high school betches reuniting for drunk brunch, except they're all successful millionaires and your parents still pay for your alcohol.

The threesome reappeared at Kanye's concert at Glastonbury an hour after being on stage with Taylor, which like same. Then things got awkward.  Kendall and Cara – or CaKe – did a quick wardrobe change to their personalized “CaKe Tour” t-shirts, Kendall put on black Hunter boots, Cara rocked a bandana head band, and they found rando middle aged men to give them shoulder boosts at the concert. Celebrities, they're just like us. Gigi put on a leather jacket and cuddled with Kim.

It's like a combination of when you introduce two of your friends and they start hanging out without you and when you third wheel your bff and her bf. Aka none for Gigi Hadid bye. Even though she didn't get a shirt or get a mention in most of the Instas, Gigi is still a badass model betch dating a Jonas brother, so I think she'll be okay. And even though they woke up deaf and hungover as fuck, they're still the three best friends that anybody could have.


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