Gigi Hadid Is Slowly Morphing Into Her Own Sister For Unknown Reasons

Remember when there was a pretty large discrepancy between the hotness of Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid? Probably not because Bella Hadid got a nose job in approximately 2010—which was an era that predated Gigi Hadid—so unless you’re like a weird psycho crazy insane fan of the Hadid family (or David Foster), you might not recall that day and age.

For a while though, it was true. Gigi was the more successful sister, overshadowing Bella in just about everything. All of a sudden, the darker and more mysterious Hadid rose from the shadows, got a Dior campaign and started dating fuckboy The Weeknd. She landed the VS gig, dumped his ass, wore a lot of side boob (love), etc, etc, and here we are now. In a place where Bella Hadid might usurp her sister.

But, twist. Gigi is taking a page from Bella’s book and sporting darker tresses. Is it an effort to become more quote unquote edgy and less quote unquote boring? Did Zayn ask her to go darker to match his “emotions”? Did Yolanda do this? Where is Yolanda? Is Yolanda ok? Do you remember when Bella got a DUI when she was 17? I didn’t either, until I googled it.

Up next: Gigi Hadid wears army pants and flip flops because Bella wore army pants and flip flops. Keep a close eye on these two. And Anwar, for good measure.